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Discover the joy and numerous health benefits of outrigger canoe paddling, a revered Polynesian sport that’s capturing the hearts of people worldwide.

This low-impact, yet highly rewarding activity offers an exceptional way to enhance cardiovascular health, making it perfect for those seeking a heart-healthy exercise that’s gentle on the joints.

Embrace the opportunity to strengthen your upper body muscles, including shoulders, biceps, and triceps, improving muscle tone and strength with every stroke.

Not only is outrigger paddling an efficient calorie burner, potentially helping with weight loss by burning up to 500 calories per hour, but it also serves as a serene escape into nature, offering unparalleled stress relief.

The rhythmic motions of paddling provide a meditative experience, clearing the mind and soothing the soul.

Beyond physical health, outrigger canoeing fosters a vibrant community, enriching your social life and offering international regatta experiences.

Whether you’re looking to boost your heart health, strength, lose weight, or find a peaceful retreat, outrigger paddling is an ideal choice for everyone seeking a fun, engaging, and healthy activity.

Join the outrigger community today and paddle your way to better health and happiness!

*Source: Health Benefits of Outrigger Canoeing – DoveMed

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New dates in March 2024:

Wednesday 13 March, Friday 15 March, Saturday 16 March

Wednesday 20 March, Friday 22 March, Saturday 24 March

Come down to Rowlands Reserve, Bayview and experience what it’s like paddling in one of our OC6, OC2 or OC1 canoes. Experience the thrill of being on the water with a crew who share your passion in fitness, outdoor sport, team work, competition and social paddling. 

Adults of all ages and all fitness levels welcome, no experience necessary, paddle & instruction provided.

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