Training Times PORC

Pittwater trains out of two locations, one at Rowlands Reserve, Bayview which houses our 3 x OC6 canoes and 1 x OC2 and 2 x racing canoes. These canoes are used in our early morning sessions 5am & 6:30am and technique session at 6pm. Another at BYRA, Riddle Park, Bayview, which houses our remaining 2 x OC6, 1 x OC4, 1 x OC2 and 2 x OC1 canoes. All water craft can be used by members. Members can also use change rooms and shower facilities at BYRA.

Training Times

Pittwater’s training schedule allows paddlers of all skill and fitness levels to find a session that best suits them. All training sessions are recorded on Team App under Pittwater Outriggers – PORCC. Please make contact with our coach or club captain’s to get your name on the app to book a paddling seat.

Main training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Rowlands Reserve; 4:45am – 6:20am and Saturday 6:20am – 8:30am. These are for competitive and fitness paddlers and are hard / high intensity sessions (13km paddle circuit).

Technique session to learn the finer points of paddling and a great way to start paddling (New / novice paddlers) Wednesday 5:50pm to 7:20pm at Rowlands reserve, these are medium / medium Hard effort session. These sessions are only on during daylight saving times from October to Beginning of April.

Training - Training

Fitness paddle (NEW) for paddlers who want to get fit/maintain fitness, but not necessarily wish to compete. Mondays 6am – 7:20am at BYRA (change rooms and showers) these are medium hard session but not as intense the 5am sessions. (Could be using OC1, OC2, OC4 or OC6’s canoes)

Non-competitive/Social sessions are held Wednesday 8:50am -10:45am at BYRA (using OC1, OC2, OC4 or OC6’s canoes), plus Friday session 8:15 – 10am from Rowlands Reserve, Bayview. These are at an easier pace and we paddle to a beach on Pittwater and return with some efforts, Medium effort session.

NEW Paddlers, please contact the male / female club captains or coach if you would like to try paddling and they can advise the best training session to attend and they can put you down on team app to book a seat (we need to know how many paddlers attend each session so canoes can be rigged). Non-competitive/Social or technique sessions are the best to attend especially if you are a new paddler.

Training - Training
Training - Training
pittwater outriggers training

What to Wear

Beware: You will get wet.

  • Comfortable shorts / bike shorts / wetsuit shorts
  • Singlet top / T-shirt / rashie
  • Shoes that can get wet (old joggers) paddling shoes.
  • cap / hat with chin strap
  • for cold windy weather: thermals / spray jacket
  • water bottle
  • suncream
  • A change of clothes
  • towel
  • plastic bag for wet clothes.