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Pittwater Outrigger Canoe Racing Club was founded in 1995  and started with only 6 female members.  The club now has over 60 members, with female members now making up 50% of our paddlers. 

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Kiki Paul


My paddling time is sacred and my “gratitude bath” for the week. There’s nothing better than starting the day on the water with a great group of people.

I warmly invite you to join us and be part of our “paddling family”,  to enjoy the social life and the pristine waters of Pittwater as a competitive or non-competitive paddler. Make new friends, get fit, be inspired – and occasionally get wet!

Christopher McCulloch

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Peter Watson


Peter has been a long-standing club member who has been paddling for decades, taking part in regattas across the world.

He is one of the few with the stomach for towing our very looooooooong canoe trailer. 

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Rebecca Schnabel

vice president

Friday morning social paddles are the highlight of my week! I love the stunning Pittwater scenery, the fresh air,  exercise and camaraderie. I also enjoy the odd ultra-short or short course regatta. 

See you on the water (and for coffee after!).

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Gary Finnigan

Head Coach

I’ve been involved in water sports for over 50 years from rowing skulls, white water canoe touring, still water kayak sprinting, ocean kayak paddling, dragon boating racing, and outrigger canoe racing. I also loved cross-country skiing, sailing, bike riding (all disciplines), scouting, and remote bush fire fighting.

 I have 16 years coaching experience, represented NSW and Australia in OC crews, and medalled in over 98 state, national and international water events and represented NSW state team (X14), and national and club crews in International Dragon Boat racing.

Michelle Cowen

women's Captain
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Men's Captain

If you’re interested in this position, please get in touch!